Advanced Networking #

From Packets to Routers

What we know right now is that packets get sent between devices. These packets have IP addresses and can be sent with UDP or TCP. This is a good basic understanding of how networks work.


  • How do packets get sent between my home network and the internet?
  • Once does my ISP send another ISP packets?
  • What are Switches, Routers, DHCP, BGP, OSPF…?

There’s a world of switching and routing equipment inside every organisation and across the whole internet. Here’s where you learn more about how traffic moves across networks.

In this section we’ll peel back the curtain and show you how networks actually operate.

We’ll cover:

  • Binary and other numbering systems (very important for future sections).
  • IP addresses – how they’re assigned, and how they are separated into different networks.
  • Switches, which move traffic inside a single network.
  • Routers, which move traffic between different networks.

By the end of this section you should have a more complete understanding of how traffic moves across local networks and the internet.

I hope this course helps you!

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